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  • Does it really pay to study handwriting analysis?

The foremost questions from prospective students seem to be:


  • Are there really opportunities for making money with handwriting analysis?”

The answer is an unequivocal YES.

Dr. Karohs herself has worked as a successful professional graphologist for over 30 years. Initially, she had to solicit clients. But after a very short time, clients came to her strictly through referrals – the most effective way of getting business!

Here is what just three of my corporate clients say about my work:

“Our firm will not hire for any position without first receiving a handwriting analysis prepared by Erika Karohs. For years these reports have been incredibly spot on in every instance of a hire. The reports not only screen out the bad apples but more importantly they provide us with the areas of strengths and weaknesses for those we do hire and this has been invaluable. No successful business should hire without a positive report from Ms. Karohs.”
Bradford Hall CPA, Managing Director, Hall & Company, Irvine California 92618

Bradford Hall CPA, Managing Director, Hall & Company, Irvine California 92618

“Our CFO read some of your analyses to a placing agency we also used for the candidates you have analyzed. They were absolutely amazed with the parallel outcome between graphology and their comprehensive Profile XT reporting. We very much appreciate you serving us in our hiring process.”
Gene Tanaka, President, TBailey, Inc. | www.tbailey.com

Gene Tanaka, President, TBailey, Inc. | www.tbailey.com

“As you probably realize based on the amount of work we have sent you, we have come to rely on your handwriting analysis of applicants as well as those whom we are considering for promotion or additional responsibilities. We were very pleased to find that your analysis of all the applicants you evaluated have thus far proven to be very accurate. This additional tool has been a great help in how we manage our employees. Thank you again for your help.”
Regards, Sweek, Connolly & Company, Costa Mesa, CA

Sweek, Connolly & Company, Costa Mesa, CA

I believe these letters show that there is definitely money to be made with handwriting analysis. In fact, it’s seems the perfect time to enter the field and it’s the most wonderful profession I can think of. You can work from anywhere, the work is personally satisfying and also brings you the financial rewards. But one word of caution! You have to know what you are doing. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can learn it in 10 minutes a day! You cannot! You have to REALLY KNOW GRAPHOLOGY! If you don’t you will fall flat on your face. Unless you are willing to study hard and really learn the science, you might as well not even try.

My study courses will give you the tools and the knowledge you need to become a money- making, professional handwriting analyst. They teach you step by step how to write and present professional, marketable analyses.

All you have to do make the decision to apply yourself and study hard. The rewards are great.

Use this as a testimonial here. (I know we already used in another place but that’s o.k.)

To anyone considering taking courses through the International School of Handwriting Analysis (ISHA), I would highly encourage you to do so! I have completed Erika Karohs’ Comprehensive Course and am now embarking on her Evaluated Traits and SSS courses. I can say first-hand that she is an outstanding instructor, and her programs are extremely thorough, offering breadth and depth in an organized and efficient manner. Additionally, she offers extensive supplements and even marketing information to kick-start your own business in the field. I am benefiting so much from my education that I already have clients lined up and waiting for professional analyses!

Julie Jablonski 2014

Julie Jablonski 2014

  • Which course(s) should I take?

If you only want a brief introduction into graphology, we recommend the Beginner’s Diploma Course. (If you plan on enrolling in the Comprehensive Course, you do not need the Beginners’ course. Most of the material is included in the Comprehensive Course.)



To become a professional graphologist, the Comprehensive Course of Handwriting Analysis is recommended. Upon successful graduation you will have all the tools and knowledge to work as a professional in the field.

If you want to stay with the trait stroke method (Comprehensive course method), we suggest the Evaluated Traits Course as a supplementary course. It teaches how several basic traits can be “clustered” or combined and will result in a new trait value.



If you want to progress beyond the Comprehensive Course we propose the Masters’ Course (formerly SSS course). The Masters’ Course is the only course in the world, as far as we know, that integrates the gestalt method and the trait stroke approach into one unique system. (From the German word “Gestalt,” meaning “the wholeness,” the “entirety” of something.)

Instead or merely looking at handwriting strokes as being representative of personality traits (like a looped d revealing sensitiveness), the gestalt system considers every component of the handwriting, such as contraction/release (narrowness or width of writing), depth (pressure put onto the writing instrument to produce the writing), speed (slowness or quickness of writing movements), arrangement (placement of the writing on the writing surface), form (enrichment or simplification of letters), etc. Ten indicators are evaluated for each personality trait, with equal quantitative weight assigned to each handwriting component. The traits are then grouped in eight syndromes.

This unique system allows the deepest insight into the personality, and is especially valuable when dealing with top-level candidates (for hiring purposes) for whom in depth-analyses are needed, or for analyzing the handwritings the real problem personalities.


  • What kind of Certification will I get?

All courses are certification courses. Students who successfully complete the certification requirements will be awarded a beautiful diploma as follow:

  • Beginner                     : Certificate of Completion
  • Comprehensive         : Certificate of Handwriting Analysis (CHA)

(Students selecting the University Track – with psychology background – will receive the diplomas as “Certified Grapho-Psychologist, CGPsy).

  • Evaluated                    : Certificate of Completion for Evaluated Course
  • Intermediate               : Certificate of Completion for Intermediate Course
  • Master                          : Certificate of Certified Master Handwriting Analysis (CMHA)

(Students selecting the University Track – with psychology background – will receive the diplomas as “Certified Master Grapho-Psychologist, CGPsy).


There is no extra charge for the diploma.


Important notice for home study program students! ISHA is not an accredited school and since there currently is no official licensing agency for graphology in the USA, diplomas are not officially accredited. The diplomas issued by ISHA certify that graduates have successfully completed one of ISHA’s study courses and have complied with all the requirements for the completion of course.

Because Dr. Karohs is recognized as a one of the world’s foremost graphologists and her courses are unquestionably unmatched by other courses currently available, diplomas issued by ISHA and graduates trained by Dr. Karohs are highly esteemed both in the graphological and corporate world.

Important notice for University program students! The diploma for university program students will be issued by the Karohs International School of Handwriting Analysis in partnership with Maranatha University.


  • What kind of support can I expect?

With all our courses, students are entitled to FREE e-mail support. A “Question/Answer” form is provided with the course.


  • Can I share my course material with friends and family?

To help spouses or partners who want to go into professional practice together, we offer a “Spouse’s” or “Partner” program for the Comprehensive and Master courses. There is a $100 charge for the secondary student to be paid at the time the order is placed.

Personal information about the secondary student has to be submitted at the time the order is placed.

The partners would share the books and study materials.

The secondary student has the same rights and privileges (diploma and support) as the primary student.

This privilege is limited to one other person and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Extra bonus: If the primary student enrolls in the Special Pack (Comprehensive and Master’s Course), the secondary student (spouse, partner) pays only $200.


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