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Dear Dr. Erika: Right now I am on the 3rd module of your comprehensive course and I cannot thank you enough for the information have provided in your courses; they are professionally written, easy to understand and very informative – if you want to learn graphology in depth, your courses are the right study materials. I truly enjoyed studying the first two modules and I am looking forward to the other ones. Your student support is also very helpful with my studies; whenever I am not completely sure about something, I can simply send a question via your website karohs.com to the student support and expect a quick answer. I found out that by writing directly to your support program I receive answers more quickly than if I sent my questions directly to you. I used to do that, but when you told me about your student support I started using it instead. To my surprise, I found out that that way you are able to answer my questions more quickly. It is a easy, reliable and quick way how to get answers to my “never-ending” inquiries :).I am very pleased with it and I would recomend all your students to use it. Thank you for your time and support, it really helps me out with my studies. Best wishes, Július Zemaník

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download worksheetsForm and Worksheet For Course Dear students, To assist you through the process of learning, we provide some supported files in DOC and PDF related to each course. You can download and use the forms and worksheet for private use. This page protected for students only. You can access it here Form and Worksheet Download page

Submitting Module and Diploma tests:
Module Tests should be submitted immediately upon completion of a particular module. Do not collect Module Tests to submit several of them at once. These tests enable us to gauge students’ progress and their  understanding of the material. For that reason, only one Module test at a time will be accepted.

Submitting the Tests (Student Area)



For Asking Questions:
As an enrolled student, you are entitled to submit questions to us twice a week. You can expect an answer within three working days.

Asking the Questions (Student Area)

  • Do NOT submit more than three questions at one time; Request only answers for the course in which you are enrolled; If you are enrolled in the Comprehensive course, check Book Nine: Questions & Answers first.


Important rules for submission of support questions

The KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis® offers generous student support privileges which you will not find with any other handwriting analysis school. We have a carefully trained support team ready to help any student enrolled in a KAROHS study course. We are supporting a very large number of students; in order to ensure timely answers for everyone, it is essential that all students observe the following rules. We are trying to answer questions within 72 hours; but with a heavy workload or with complicated questions, it may take longer to send a reply.

We understand that some students would like to engage in a longer dialogue with us about certain aspects of the course, but since we are supporting many students, we understandably have to limit the support we are able to offer. Students may ask for one support answer per question (relating to a specific course item) and, if necessary, one clarification. After that, the question will be closed.

Please remember that this kind of support is a privilege, not a guaranteed part of the course. We reserve the right to cancel support options at any time. Through the Student Support website you can: Send course-related questions for the course you are currently enrolled in.   Through the Student Support website you cannot:

  1. Send questions for more than one course at a time. If you purchased a combination package, and you start with the Comprehensive course, you may submit questions for that course. Once you have graduated and move on to the SSS or Master course, you may submit questions for that course.
  2. Send questions without filling in every required box of the student support form.
  3. Ask general handwriting analysis questions. We know that handwriting analysis is a fascinating subject, and the more one gets involved, the more questions pop up in one’s mind. However, the purpose of our Support is to help students with their study courses, and there simply is no time to answer questions about handwriting samples of friends, unfamiliar letter formations not part of the course material, definitions from books other than our study courses, etc.
  4. Write directly or send attachments to a support staff member. Such messages will not be answered; support is only available through the student support request form. (Since all questions/answers are automatically saved in our database for further use, this is essential).
  5. Send measuring assignments for checking or re-measuring. It is natural for beginning students to be uncertain about measuring slant. This will quickly disappear with sufficient practice. If you follow the detailed information in the measuring lessons, you should have no problem either with measuring up- or downslants. Here is an important note about slant measuring: Slant is not nearly as important as any of the other measurements because it can be so easily altered at will. Spacing (letter spacing, word spacing etc.) are far more significant because they cannot be altered intentionally, at least not for a longer period of time.
  6. Ask questions for the Comprehensive Course for which the answers can be found in BOOK Nine: Questions and Answers.

Form and Worksheet For Course

Dear students,

To assist you through the process of learning, we provide some supported files in DOC related to each course.

You can download and use the forms and worksheet for private use. This page protected for students only.

You can access it here Form and Worksheet Download page  

Answer and Questions Form

Student Questions and Answers 2014: To help our student with their studies, the KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis® is offering full e-mail support. To avail yourself of this service by our highly trained support staff please observe the following rules:

  1. Use the downloadable Question/Answer form here:
     (a copy was also provided with your course materials);
  2. Follow the rules on the Question/Answer form implicitly. Disregard will delay or void getting an answer to you.
  3. Send your request to the following e-mail address: support@karohs.com

This privilege is for enrolled students only. Do not write if you are not an enrolled student; your questions will not be answered. Our Question/Answer support is a voluntary service offered by the KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis®. It may be discontinued without further notice at any time.

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Starting with the Spring semester 2013, KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis® courses are being offered through the Psychology Department at Maranatha University in Bandung, Indonesia.

We are very pleased and honored that our courses were chosen exclusively as part of the University curriculum. Courses are taught by Mr. Syibly Avivy A. Mulachela, M.Psi., CMHA., Director of Training and Continuing Education. Information is available at: www.grafologiindonesia.com, or you can contact the University at https://international.maranatha.edu 

Invitation to Linkedin:
Almost daily, Dr. Karohs receives invitations to Linkedin. Please note that all these invitations are automatically directed into the spam box. Dr. Karohs realizes that many people like to display her name in their listings; however, she personally chooses whom she wants to be linked with.

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