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Careers in Graphology and Handwriting Analysis

In today’s economy, many in the workforce are finding themselves without work.  These individuals have to be creative in replacing their salary with other sources.  Studying for a career in handwriting analysis is a viable and creative alternative to the nine-to-five positions.  Many others have decided to work from home because of children or elderly parents in the home.  A career to handwriting analysis (also called a graphology career) is perfect for these individuals.

At, we provide products and education in all facets of handwriting analysis (graphology). Dr Erika Karohs has dedicated her life to helping others via the incredible tools found in her courses in handwriting analysis.  Dr. Karohs offers four comprehensive handwriting analysis work from home certification courses:

Beginners Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course
Many people are interested in handwriting analysis but don't want to enroll in a full-fledged study course right away. The Beginners Course is a perfect way to become familiar with the fascinating science of handwriting analysis. It teaches 40 personality traits - enough to gain personal insight into yourself and, on a basic level, to "read" other people's writings.
The Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course
The Comprehensive Course of Handwriting Analysis® gives you more than other basic, intermediate and advanced courses combined - GUARANTEED!  This course is the easiest and most profitable way to learn handwriting analysis. If you are as interested in making money from handwriting analysis as I believe you are, and in doing it faster, easier, and more profitably, you will not want to miss out on this Comprehensive Course of Handwriting Analysis®.

Evaluated Traits Course In Handwriting Analysis
This is a one-of-a-kind advanced trait stroke course that at this time, in this format, you cannot find anywhere else.

Step-By-Step System Handwriting Analysis Course
The SSS course is a very comprehensive certification course for the serious student wanting to become a professional handwriting analyst.
Unlike many other courses on the market, it is not a compilation or takeoff on other handwriting analysis materials or courses and it does not duplicate other training programs.

It is the only course that integrates the gestalt method and the trait stroke approach into one unique system.

(Prior knowledge in handwriting analysis is desirable but it is not a prerequisite. The course starts right from the beginning.)

Dr. Karohs doesn’t stop at providing tools for a home-based business in handwriting analysis, she also publishes books on marketing your new skill and building a business from your education. After having successfully completed graphology courses or reading material, the next logical step will be marketing your handwriting analysis services. Her books include handwriting analysis marketing aids and resources for graphologists listed below.

As Dr. Karohs says, “you could do this the ‘hard way by trial and error, like I used to do or you can go the easy route by using these books in Marketing Resources.  These books will give you a detailed road map to successfully marketing yourself and your handwriting analysis business and becoming a successful, money-making graphologist”.

Marketing Your Handwriting Analysis in the Internet Age
In this book Dr. Karohs shares with you exactly the steps she took to become a successful, money-making graphologist. From the start, this book will remove major stumbling blocks for you, namely:
(1) how to create a market for your services;
(2) how to market your services effectively and
(3) how to get paid accordingly.

Without this book, you may have to spend several years of your time to learn what Dr. Karohs knows and spend several thousand dollars in the process. But with this book, the right steps to take are made clear to you so you can quickly know how to market your services.

Profit Guide
Bound in beautiful silver-embossed cloth hardcover, this is the original 1977 highly coveted Profit Guide. It has been out of print for several years and is already selling as a classic for $50+ on eBay!

While sorting used books, I found 2 boxes with 78 of these books and I am offering these here on a first-come, first served basis. This book will never be reprinted in this version. Very few copies are left.

How To Hire The Best Candidate Every Time
During interviews, job candidates will show courtesy and friendliness, an eager attitude, a remarkable resume, and immaculate references. They will hide evidence of slovenly work habits, lack of motivation, refusal to obey rules, the habit of failing to meet deadlines, stubbornness irritability, temper, difficulties in getting along with others and duplicity. How To Hire the Best Candidate Every Time is a unique tool to uncover a candidate’s true personality.

Once you put this knowledge to use, you will know with certainty which candidates to choose and which to avoid. Whether you are the boss or a graphological consultant, you will be truly able to select the best candidate every time.

The Good Versus The Bad Credit Risk
With business crime in the billions and employee pilferage steadily on the rise, the skill to weed out potential credit risks is becoming more and more valuable. The Good Versus The Bad Credit Risk is invaluable to people working in the credit field. It provides detailed information how to spot the credit worthy individual as well as the potential credit risk quickly and accurately. A worksheet is included.

Lectures on CD
On the CD are four lectures ready to print and use. They include fully prepared visuals that can be printed on plastic transparencies. The lecture titles are:

1. The WRITE Approach (with 33 visuals)
2. T's tell tales on you (33 visuals)
3. Your Personal Letter "I" (29 visuals)
4. Focus on Effectiveness (10 visuals).

This is an excellent lecture for a presentation to a professional group or to sales people.

How Big Is Your Sales Potential
This is a 4-8 hour seminar program for sales people. It teaches sales people how to recognize and analyze their own most important traits - their success traits as well as the conflicts that badger them and hold them back. They also learn how to “read” their customers’ writing in order to approach them as individuals, thereby establishing rapport and putting both sales person and customer at ease. You can easily tailor this program to your own lecturing needs.

As you can see, Dr. Karohs provides all of the tools you need for a career in handwriting analysis.  If you have any questions, Dr. Karohs welcomes your correspondence at


Erika Karohs, PhD


Upon successful completion of your diploma test you will receive a notification via email and your diploma will be mailed to you within eight weeks. In the unlikely event that there should be any problems with the diploma, you have six months from the date of the notification to send a request for rectification. Once that deadline has expired, the diploma will be presumed as delivered. If a diploma has to be re-issued because of faulty information by the graduate (name, address etc.) there will be a $15 re-issure charge.

Dr. Erika M. Karohs is the sole seller of all books, courses and materials worldwide. Citizens from countries with a poor exchange rate please send an email to for price information. At this time, the following countries are in this category: Indonesia, South Africa, India. If you feel that your country should be included in the "poor exchange" category, please send an email and we'll take this under consideration.

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