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  • Sunday Lesson #15: 2 Most Frequent Questions

A Message from Dr. Erika Margarete Karohs

Two of the most frequent questions we receive are:

(1)   What are the uses of handwriting analysis?

(2)   How is Handwriting analysis going to help me personally?

I would like to answer these questions for all potential and current students based upon my experience as a teacher and practicing, very successful graphologist. 

  1. What are the uses of handwriting analysis?

Handwriting Analysis is used by teachers, by members of law enforcement, by counselors, but most importantly by corporations and businesses to analyze candidates for hiring, for promotions, or for worker compatibility. 

Graphologists work as consultants to such businesses. I can personally avow that this is a most wonderfully satisfying occupation because, using a laptop, one can work from nearly anywhere. Every summer I fly to Germany. I work in the airport lounge, on the plane, and at the hotel, while clients never realize that I am not at my office.

But there are prerequisites. Unless you observe them, your chances of making it in handwriting analysis are very slim: 

(a)   Comprehensive training with a reputable teacher/school is a MUST!

A “10-minutes-a-day” study course does not suffice.  While snooping into the sexual inclinations of the writer may seem interesting, it would train you merely for parlor games. Courses taught by “teachers” lacking substance, experience, sincerity, and who use every con artist trick to make a buck for themselves, are simply a waste of your money.

To work as professional, you must learn the science from a reputable teacher with proven practical experience. Some hypothetical lessons with make-believe cases will not suffice.

(b)   You must be able to write analyses fast and accurately.

Most so-called graphology schools teach students how to identify basic traits and offer a few meager trait descriptions. I don’t know of any school, aside from ISHA, that actually teaches how to combine traits into meaningful analyses. But, unless you can write analyses quickly, accurately, you are not going to make it in the field. 


Day in, day out, my day starts with downloading handwriting samples that come to me via e-mails. Within 72 hours, analyses are returned to the clients. (unless we agree on a longer turn-around time, like when a client requests 2000 Profile analyses – true case!).

To get to this point, you must write as many analyses as you can. Practice, practice, practice. Just completing the diploma test analysis is not enough. It is just like learning every other skill. It’s painfully slow in the beginning; you may get frustrated about the scoring and the measuring and having to look up the meaning of traits. But the more you write, the faster it gets. Before you know, your speed will increase, and you will actually enjoy doing the job.

Right now, you may be asking yourself – but where do I find clients to write all these analyses for? In the beginning, you will have to be enterprising to find one or two companies. That’s all. After that, it’s strictly word-of-mouth. For years now, new clients have come to me only through referrals. I no longer even have a “services” website. I took it down.

Below is the letter from a recent ISHA graduate “Frik” from South Africa, who successfully started his own graphology business:

Dear Erika:

I have received my diploma and certificate in perfect order.  I am truly proud of this qualification. Below is the kind of feedback I am getting in my new business.

“Hello Frik:

This analysis was way beyond my expectations and extremely accurate, and I am extremely thankful to you for your effort and professionalism. If you let me have the link to your website, I will make every effort to market your handwriting analysis. My wife is employed as the HR Manager at …. and she has indicated a keen interest in looking into this as an integral part of their employment process.”

Warm regards,

Frik Huysamen



  1. How is Handwriting analysis going to help me personally?

With handwriting analysis you will gain a deeper perception of who you are as an individual. You will learn to understand yourself, your strengths, your talents, and you hidden fears.
You will learn to understand others, how they think and feel, what pleases and what offends them. With handwriting analysis you will learn to “know thyself” as well as to get along better with other people, at home, with your friends, or in business.



Kind regards and much success to all of you!

Dr. Erika Margarete Karohs

“Practicing graphologist”




I hope you enjoy “Sunday Lessons Series III”. If you have any questions or would like to recommend topics, please feel free to email me at info@karohs.com


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