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Learning Graphology Books
Books to Learn Handwriting Analysis

Until further notice books below will be fulfilled in PDF format only.

All the books on this page are based upon sound graphological principles generally accepted in the field of handwriting analysis.

Many of the books will help you to deepen the knowledge you have gleaned from the certification courses, while others will put well researched and illustrated reference works at your fingertips.



The Encyclopedia of Handwriting AnalysisThe Encyclopedia of Handwriting Analysis (PDF)








      The Masters’ Course on Measuring & MeasurementsThe Masters’ Course on Measuring & Measurements

There exists at this time no universally valid guide for measuring slant in handwriting analysis. Various handwriting analysis schools give conflicting instructions, often leaving students confused and perplexed. In addition, most popular handwriting analysis schools teach only how to determine upslant measurements, thereby ignoring important parts of the writer's personality.

Many students have requested an authoritative guide on measuring slant. The Masters' Course on Measuring and Measurements is this guide. It provides precise instructions and it explains and directs the measuring process step by step. | Printed version $70 PDF version $35 | BUY NOW!






Flash Cards

These flash cards describe and illustrate 112 personality traits. They are great because they make writing an analysis faster and easier. They fit in a briefcase or pocketbook, so you can take them with you can take them with you and be the life of a party.

And when you are doing an analysis in your office, just whip out the cards and in no time you will have identified all of the traits in your handwriting sample. These flash cards are NOT something you are going to zip through once, put on a shelf and never go back to.Graphology flash cards

They are a true tool kit you will keep going back to, time after time. And each time, you will strengthen your memory and eventually you will be able to spot the traits without using the cards. The flash cards are ready for printing on heavy card stock. They can be easily cut into individual cards. The description will be on one side and the illustration on the other. In PDF version only $25 | BUY NOW!


Dictionary of personality traits as seen in handwritingDictionary of Personality Traits As Seen in Handwriting

Most students have to refer to their course manuals for the illustrations and definitions of personality traits. This means that they have to turn on their computers or spread out two large volumes on the table just to check a certain personality trait.

I thought this to be very awkward for most students. I wanted to help them to decrease the time to check on traits. This is the reason I wrote the Dictionary of Personality Traits.

The Dictionary describes and illustrates 133 basic traits. It is the perfect reference work. If you are doing an analysis, just open the Dictionary and in no time you will have identified all of the traits in your handwriting sample. Illustrated, Printed version $54 PDF version $27| BUY NOW!






Personality Traits at a Glance

Personality traits at a glance

This is a one-of-a-kind book. Personality Traits At a Glance lists traits not found in conventional basic courses. They were discovered by Magdalene Ivanovic, a renowned German graphologist. Dr. Erika Karohs has translated some of these unique trait names and provided detailed trait descriptions.

Using the information from this book, analysts can glean immediate insight into significant aspects of a writer’s personality from simply identifying individual strokes, curves, or angles. The book is especially helpful when (a) nothing but the signature is available; (b) the handwriting sample is very small; (c) the handwriting is mostly illegible. Analysts who have bought this book tell me that they are using it almost daily in their analysis work. Printed version $74 PDF version only $37 | BUY NOW!


Handwriting Analysts CompanionHandwriting Analysts Companion with 64 page Stroke Master Guide

How many times has it happened to you that you come across a certain handwriting indicator but cannot remember exactly what it means? You know you have read about it, but you just cannot remember where?

The 4 volume Handwriting Analysts' Companion will put an end to this frustration. It lists in alphabetical order comprehensive explanations and illustrations of (almost) all valid handwriting indicators.

Of course, by necessity, it cannot cover all interpretations listed in various handwriting analysis manuals. Too many of them are farfetched and unsubstantiated.

The companion lists those items generally accepted in the field of graphology as having been researched through experimentally verified observations. 4 volumes, 501 pp. Printed version $197 PDF version $99 | BUY NOW!






Comprehensive and Illustrated Descriptions of 215 graphology traitsComprehensive and Illustrated Descriptions of 215 Personality Traits (6 volume set)

Has this ever happened to you? You have carefully scored a handwriting, but when it comes to actually writing the analysis, the proper word or imaginative phrase simply will not come?

Or, the major traits that are glaring at you in a handwriting are sensitiveness and resentment? How do you describe them without being hurtful?

With the Comprehensive and Illustrated Descriptions you can painlessly and quickly write analyses you can be proud of. This 6-volume set lists complete trait descriptions (one to several pages per trait) for 215 basic and evaluated traits.

Each trait is clearly described and illustrated. Printed version $200 PDF version ONLY $99 | BUY NOW!






Measurements in Handwriting With Comprehensive Descriptions for All Measurements

Measurements in Handwriting With Comprehensive Descriptions for All Measurements

Measuring handwriting indicators is strictly a mechanical task. Many analysts dislike it because it seems tedious and boring. However, an analysis will not be truly accurate without some kind of measuring. The 4-volume measurement guide takes the pain out of measuring. It explains step-by-step how to easily measure all 37 measurable handwriting indicators. Measurements take place on a scale from extremely constricted to extremely released. After completing the measuring part, appropriate interpretations for the various indicators can be gleaned from Volumes 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4. This kind of information is not available in this form anywhere else. 4-volume set Printed version $114 PDF version only $57 | BUY NOW!


Amazing Handwriting Secrets RevealedAmazing Handwriting Secrets Revealed

Do you ever wonder what people are really saying when they put down words on paper? Are you eager to learn more of the exciting secrets that handwriting reveals?

With Amazing Handwriting Secrets Revealed you can acquire a skill that will amaze people.

Most importantly, you will also gain a deeper appreciation of yourself, as the unique individual that you are. Amazing Handwriting Secrets Revealed explains and illustrations 40 basic personality traits in depth.

With its delightful cover, it also makes an enjoyable gift for introducing your family, friends, or clients to handwriting analysis. Printed version $39.95 PDF version $19.95 | BUY NOW!


How to analyse printed handwritingHow to Analyze Printing

Analyzing printing seems to be one of the most difficult tasks for many analysts. Some of them refuse printing and insist upon a cursive sample for analysis. But this can result in an erroneous picture of a writer's personality.

Actually, printing is not really difficult to analyze. Most of the rules that apply to cursive writing are applicable to printing. With this book and some practice, you should be quite comfortable with analyzing printed script. Printed version $22 PDF version (as e-mail attachment) $12 | BUY NOW!









It has long been established in graphology that the mind changes certain personality traits via handwriting therapy. If a certain stroke is repeatedly written in a new way, the brain will change itself into becoming what is written. If a person is sensitive, but gets determined enough to focus the brain so that it doesn’t make handwriting strokes indicating sensitiveness, then the brain will also change its sensitive attitude. However, there is one stumbling block.

It has been determined that so-called handwriting “beautification,” or deliberately trying to change a stroke representing a so-called problem trait (like raising a t-bar for higher goals) tends to create resistance from the subconscious mind. The unfortunate result is that the person ends up with one or more resistance traits in addition to the original undesirable trait.

The Grapho-Cybernetics program uses a unique approach of global exercises. These global exercises harmonize and stabilize the overall writing pattern without focusing deliberately on specific traits, thereby bringing about positive changes without the subconscious mind being aware of it.

Even so, the Grapho-Cybernetics program is not an overnight solution for changing traits. It takes dedication and commitment.

Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided throughout the program. These steps must be followed explicitly, and in the exact sequence. Exercises have to be performed daily, and the program must be completed from beginning to end. A hit-and miss approach will not work.

The reason Grapho-Cybernetics works where other supposed grapho-therapy methods fall short it that is uses carefully designed global exercises rather than "prettying up" individual letters, raising t-bars, or simply underlining the signature. While so-called handwriting "corrections" sometimes result in a more pleasing writing picture, this is often accompanied by pronounced subconscious resistance to the new forms resulting in increased tension or personality conflict.

The results of a Grapho Cybernetics program within the personality are stability, harmony and balance without the creation of additional personality conflicts and without the emergence of resistance traits. The set includes the manual, worksheets and a log. Printed version $190 PDF version $140 | BUY NOW!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Grapho-Cybernetics is a program, not a course. This means that support is not included. Do not write for support.


Also Available In French

The Grapho-Cybernetics program is also available is also available in French.
It you are interested in the French version, please contact us at

PAID support for the French version of the GC program is available.
Please write to .


Sunday lessons for handwriting analystsSunday Lessons

These thirty "Sunday Lessons" were originally published every Sunday morning on the Internet. They do not replace a regular study course in handwriting analysis. They are about randomly selected interesting graphology subjects, intended to supplement a regular study course. For Series III Sunday Lessons, click here.

The Sunday lessons are only available on CD. The CD also includes 5 bonus lessons: Accident Proneness, Criminal Tendencies as Seen in Handwriting, Leadership Ability, Right versus Left Tendency in Handwriting, and Speed in Handwriting. Printed version $70 PDF version $35 | BUY NOW!






Handwriting analysis inner circle papersThe Inner Circle Papers

They were originally written in 1985 for the "Inner Circle" of analysts and were then sold individually. Since 1985, I have added many more papers of interest so that there are now 58 papers - some of them are over 30 pages in length!

The 58 IC papers (listed below) are now all combined on one CD for $57.00. At less than a dollar per paper, this is an unbelievable deal. Included in the collection are such popular papers as (Dis)honesty in Handwriting, Criminal Tendencies as Seen in Handwriting, Felon’s Claws, Legibility and Illegibility in Handwriting, Rivers and gaps in Word Spacing, The Freudian Psychosexual Stages and the Oedipus Complex in Handwriting, and The Signature and its Meaning. CD or PDF version $57 | BUY NOW!

"One of my favourite papers you've written in the "Inner Circle Papers" is the one titled "Leadership Ability". I frequently check back on that short little document, something about it appeals to me, and intuitively I sense some potential for something really good there. "The "Personality Conflicts" paper (in IC) is also a great help. It not only gave me a better understanding, from the NLP / Hypnotherapy perspective, of what goes on inside a person's head when they've hit trauma or life-changing events, but I now suspect it is possible to find to which degree a person could be potentially susceptible to future traumas (considering it as a possibility, perhaps with more years of experience I'll see patterns.. or not...)."

Paul CR Harrison


List of Inner Circle Papers

Accident proneness as seen in handwriting
Active Arcade
Analysis guide for a complete analysis
Anorexia As Seen In Handwriting
Arcades in Children's Writings
Bimodal scores
Connective forms in handwriting
Criminal tendencies as seen in handwriting
Directional pressure
Enrichment and simplification
Evasive “e's”
Expansion in handwriting
Felons’ claws
Final strokes
Form Level in Handwriting
Garlands - various forms
Grapho-therapy for dyslexia
Ground Rhythm and Vocational Effectiveness
How to relate traits to each other
How To Tell (Dis)honesty from handwriting
Illness as seen in handwriting
Initial and final adjustments
Klages - a discussion of his works
Leadership ability as seen in handwriting
Left-handedness in handwriting
Left/right tendency in handwriting
Legibility and illegibility
Letter height in handwriting
Letter spacing in handwriting
Letter width in handwriting
Loops and ovals and vocational choices
Margins and their meaning
Personal pronoun “I”
Personality conflicts as seen in handwriting
Pressure – primary, secondary, and displaced
Problem children and their handwritings
Procrastination as seen in handwriting
Retraced and cover strokes
Rivers and gaps in word spacing
Secondary pressure - the neglected indicator
Signature and its meaning
Single curves double curves and expanded curves
Slant in handwriting
Speed in handwriting
The ductus – why is it so important?
The hidden meaning of soldered writing
The Non-Manager
The Freudian Psychosexual Stages and the Oedipus Complex in hw
Variations in handwriting
Vitality as seen in handwriting
Writing on Envelopes
Word and line spacing
Zones in handwriting



Upon successful completion of your diploma test you will receive a notification via email and your diploma will be mailed to you within eight weeks. In the unlikely event that there should be any problems with the diploma, you have six months from the date of the notification to send a request for rectification. Once that deadline has expired, the diploma will be presumed as delivered. If a diploma has to be re-issued because of faulty information by the graduate (name, address etc.) there will be a $15 re-issure charge.

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