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ISHA Courses at Maranatha University in Bandung, Indonesia
Starting with the Spring semester 2013, ISHA courses are being offered through the Psychology Department at Maranatha University in Bandung, Indonesia. We are very pleased and honored that our courses were chosen exclusively as part of the University curriculum. Courses are taught by Mr. Syibly Avivy A. Mulachela, M.Psi., CMHA., ISHA’S Director of Training and Continuing Education. Information is available at:, or you can contact the University (


Three new ISHA classes starting in partnership with Psychology Department of Maranatha University.

Maranatha University students taking diploma test

Diploma test time for Beginners' class at Maranatha University.

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Dr. Erika Karohs, International School of Handwriting Analysis® Hi, I am Dr. Erika Karohs
of ISHA International School of Handwriting Analysis®

These are my promises to you:
I will always serve you with integrity. I have been in the handwriting analysis business for more than 28 years. My address does not change, nor does my e-mail. I am not a fly-by-night company. I don't rip off customers, I don’t ascribe fancy titles to myself that I haven’t earned, and I don't make undeliverable promises.

I will not “sell” you a diploma as a Certified Handwriting Analyst for a one day workshop, just so I can make a fast buck. I won't promise you that you can learn quick handwriting analysis in 10 minutes a day. I honestly can't and neither can anyone else (despite of what they try to tell you).Comprehensive Handwriting Course

Why should you study with me?
My books and courses are based upon sound graphological principles. I have studied at renowned institutes of higher learning in Germany, at the prestigious Psychological/Graphological Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I have also studied every worthwhile course in the U.S., including the San Francisco Academy of Handwriting Analysis course, the Pychogram courses, the tIGS course, the “Equal Weight Scoring Criteria” and, yes, both IGAS courses. As you can see, I am well familiar with the handwriting analysis courses being offered today.

For more than 40 years I have done diligent research. I traveled more than 40 times to Europe to obtain research material including in countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain. I have in my possession books and research material that is no longer available anywhere.

New Handwriting Analysis BookThe results of my lifelong research and my diligent studies are clearly reflected in the quality and depth of my works.

I have written more than 70 books on the subject of handwriting analysis, including a 30-volume Encyclopedia of Handwriting Analysis.


We are proud that our site and courses are listed with The California Association of Handwriting Analysts.

My courses differ from most other courses

They are for students who don’t want courses that …

  • are copied from other courses that are copied from other courses that are copied from other courses….
  • are all hype, marketing, show, and PR baloney;
  • are taught by “teachers” arrogantly posturing in advertisements while lacking substance, experience, sincerity, and genuine concern for the students, and who use every con artist trick to make a buck for themselves.

Unlike some other courses, my manuals are written by me, word for word. They are not copied piecemeal from other courses, nor do they duplicate other training programs.

If you are truly motivated, I promise you that with my study materials you will become a competent professional graphologist and get paid for it. GUARANTEED!


 As you learn graphology, you can rely on my support every step of the way.

Many students are frustrated because their teachers are unavailable to them. When you study with me, I will be by your side every step of the way. You can send me e-mails with every course question you have and expect a prompt reply.

I offer hardship discounts on all courses

As a former college teacher myself, I know how difficult it is for students to pay books, tuition, and Variety of Discountsstudy materials. I offer discounts (scholarships) to students enrolled in accredited institutes or colleges in the U.S, and to international students from countries with a poor exchange rate. Many students have told me that they were only able to complete their studies in handwriting analysis because of the discount program I put in place.


Letter to Mr. Syibly Avivy A. Mulachela, ISHA Director of Training and Continuing Education:

Letter to Mr. Syibly Avivy A. Mulachela, ISHA Director of Training and Continuing Education:
"Aviv, in my lifetime, I wanted to learn graphology in depth. Finally, today, I found what I had been looking for. I am very impressed by your Dr. Karohs. She was able to make the course systematic, making it easier for us to learn. Previously, I did not think that I would be able to write a personality report. With this in-depth graphology technique, after several practice cases, I surprised myself that I was able to write a complete and accurate report. Give my regards to Dr. Karohs and I will continue the Master's program immediately."
Mrs. Carollina, Lecturer at the Psychology Faculty, Maranatha University, Indonesia

I also offer discounts to people in hardship situations, full time students, members of law enforcement or the armed forces.

To apply for a scholarship, please use the Scholarship Application Form. If you are a Peace Officer or a member of the Armed Forces with duty related disabilities, please mention this.

Dr. Karohs' books are on Kindle.Materials Available in PDF and Limited eBooks

PDF FormatI sell books and study courses in PDF format so my students and customers can have them at a lower price. To my knowledge, ISHA is the only school offering books in PDF. Since the PDF format eliminates printing and much of the shipping cost, I can offer these versions at a greatly reduced price. The files are mailed on CD or flash drives (as explained in the individual courses).


I teach what I do....

I am a practicing graphologist, and I am very busy. This means that you will gain relevant and practical knowledge from a graphologist who works in the field. I will teach you exactly what I do, not some hypothetical material without practical money-making experience to back it up.

I have worked for over 28 years as a practicing, money-making graphologist. My handwriting analysis books and study courses go way beyond theory.

Clients SayHere is what just three of my corporate clients say about my work

Our firm will not hire for any position without first receiving a handwriting analysis prepared by Erika Karohs. For years these reports have been incredibly spot on in every instance of a hire. The reports not only screen out the bad apples but more importantly they provide us with the areas of strengths and weaknesses for those we do hire and this has been invaluable. No successful business should hire without a positive report from Ms. Karohs.”
Bradford Hall CPA, Managing Director, Hall & Company, Irvine California 92618

Our CFO read some of your analyses to a placing agency we also used for the candidates you have analyzed. They were absolutely amazed with the parallel outcome between graphology and their comprehensive Profile XT reporting. We very much appreciate you serving us in our hiring process.”
Gene Tanaka, President, TBailey, Inc. |

As you probably realize based on the amount of work we have sent you, we have come to rely on your handwriting analysis of applicants as well as those whom we are considering for promotion or additional responsibilities. We were very pleased to find that your analysis of all the applicants you evaluated have thus far proven to be very accurate. This additional tool has been a great help in how we manage our employees. Thank you again for your help.”
Regards, Sweek, Connolly & Company, Costa Mesa, CA

Find out MoreWith my courses you will receive exactly the same material that I am using day-in, day-out “in the trenches” as a practicing graphologist.

But enough of the introduction. Why don't you come in and find out for yourself?

Erika Karohs, PhD


Dr. Karohs students come from 22 countries from all over the world. Dr. Karohs along with the two authorized resellers in India and Indonesia/Malaysia are the sole sellers of ISHA courses, books, and study materials worldwide.

Contact information:

Dr. Erika M. Karohs
4080 Sunset Lane
Pebble Beach CA 93953
Mr. Syibly Avivy A. Mulachela
Director for Training and Continuing Education Regional Sales Director Asia
Jl. Haurpancuh II No. 1 Rt.04 Rw.04
Bandung – Indonesia
Phone : +62 856 222 9842
email: s_avivy @

Mr. Pradeep K.U.
Contact Center Representative India
#184, 1st Floor, 35th A Cross, 15th Main,
Opposite Sri Lakshmi Nivas Apartment,
Jayanagar 4 T Block, Bangalore,
Call Us: Pradeep: +91 99667 87978
Dilip: +91 97423 71317

Customers from Malaysia can purchase study courses through Mr. Syibly Avivy A. Mulachela (listed above).
Additional Asian countries will be added shortly.

Upon successful completion of your diploma test you will receive a notification via email and your diploma will be mailed to you within eight weeks. In the unlikely event that there should be any problems with the diploma, you have six months from the date of the notification to send a request for rectification. Once that deadline has expired, the diploma will be presumed as delivered. If a diploma has to be re-issued because of faulty information by the graduate (name, address etc.) there will be a $15 re-issure charge.

Dr. Erika M. Karohs is the sole seller of all books, courses and materials worldwide. Citizens from countries with a poor exchange rate please send an email to for price information. At this time, the following countries are in this category: Indonesia, South Africa, India. If you feel that your country should be included in the "poor exchange" category, please send an email and we'll take this under consideration.

ISHA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
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